Seafood Sustainability at Ralphs

Ralphs is a subsidiary of Kroger.

How does Ralphs score on seafood sustainability?

Overall Sustainability


Score Explanation

Ralphs' parent company, Kroger, ranks among the laggards in the industry that have not taken seafood sustainability seriously. The retailer is tied with Publix, selling the most Red List species. Kroger provides limited information to customers to assist them in making sustainable seafood choices. The company declined to provide information to Greenpeace about its seafood sales.

Policy Explanation

Has weak sourcing requirements and lacks a sustainable canned tuna policy.

Transparency Explanation

Does not provide customers sufficient in-store signage or labeling for seafood sustainability. Should provide more information to help customers make informed choices.

Initiatives Explanation

The company would benefit from greater support of seafood sustainability or conservation initiatives. Kroger must address human rights abuses in the seafood industry and call for protections of the Bering Sea Canyons.

Red List Explanation

Sells 18 out of the 22 Red List species: Alaska pollock, Atlantic cod, Atlantic halibut, Atlantic salmon, Atlantic sea scallop, Chilean sea bass, Greenland halibut, grouper, hoki, monkfish, ocean quahog, orange roughy, red snapper, redfish (a.k.a. ocean perch), South Atlantic albacore tuna, swordfish, tropical shrimp, and yellowfin tuna.



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Source: 2015 Carting Away The Oceans Report

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Frequently Asked Questions

on seafood sustainability at Ralphs

Q: Should I buy canned tuna at Ralphs?
A: No, stay away from the canned tuna section. Ralphs does not carry any sustainable brands.
Q: Is it ok to shop at the Ralphs seafood counter?
A: If you've stepped into a Ralphs, the best idea would be either turn around and shop elsewhere—or at the very least avoid purchasing seafood there.
Q: What seafood should I never buy at Ralphs?
A: Ralphs' parent company Kroger sells more Red List species than any other retailer profiled (18, tied with Publix), so it is best to avoid all seafood in the store. In particular, avoid Atlantic halibut, Chilean sea bass, hoki, and orange roughy.
Q: Is there anything I can do to encourage more sustainable practices at Ralphs?
A: Yes—you can add your name to the petition asking Ralphs to use more sustainable practices.

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